Watch this short video to understand why using video as part of your marketing strategy is a powerful tool


Why Use Video Marketing?

Video marketing enables you to engage with your existing and potential customers in a very effective way. If you're not a video marketer, you're losing customers to those who do. Businesses that incorporate video marketing into their overall strategy see higher engagement rates, higher click-through rates and higher conversion rates. Customers frequently search for products and services through websites such as YouTube and Vimeo. The modern consumer expects product demonstrations, tutorials and reviews in video format. Additionally search engines such as Google and Bing will rank video content higher through their search algorithms helping to improve your visibility.

How To Get Started

We are here to help guide you how to use video as a marketing tool. Effective video marketing doesn’t always need big budgets, and can be produced on limited resources with great effect.
The starting points for discussion are:

Who the audience for the video is, and where it is going to be used - for example on your website, on YouTube, a TV advert, or played back during sales pitches and presentations

The kind of video required - it might be an animation depicting a service, a filmed product overview and demonstration, or something else

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