The Brief

A detailed video for the World of Boats Show in Cardiff. An exhibition where over forty rare boats from around the world are displayed as well as the evolution of boats over the years. This should be an educational and interesting story guide presented by TV’s Dick Strawbridge ..

What We Delivered

With a two day shoot across multiple locations; Cardiff Bay and Eyemouth (Scotland) we captured interesting locations and equipment that assisted in telling the story of the evolution of boat design. We produced on boat scenes in Cardiff Bay, while in Eyemouth we filmed in the boat storage facility, on lifeguard boats and at the maritime centre. Once the production was finished our back office team created the video ensuring that the message was educational, interesting and to the point ready to create the right atmosphere for the exhibition. The final touches were at the boat show. Here we included the content on interactive touch screens and in the evolution theatre on a multi screen viewing area. The videos play interactively as visitors move around the exhibition