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BrightSign 4K242

The multiple award-winning, world's first, true 4K @ 50/60p media player


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The BrightSign 4K242 is an ultra-reliable, fan-less, silent, solid-state, commercial 4K player supporting all of the new technology standards of the 4K ecosystem for true 4K playback.The BrightSign 4K242 is a networked 4K media player with user-interactivity via an 8-line GPIO port.Plays native 4K (3840x2160), HVEC / H.265 encoded 10-bit media @ 50/60fps via its HDMI 2.0 output


  • Plays native 4K (3840x2160) content encoded to HEVC / H.265 at 60fps via HDMI 2.0
  • Powerful video engine capable of decoding native 4K video as well as two 1920x1080@60p videos simultaneously
  • Live HDTV playback via the HDMI input to play any broadcast content - even HDCP protected content
  • Simultaneous playback from local, networked, streaming and Live TV content sources
  • Accelerated JPEG decompression for instant image display
  • Abundant content support – 4K and Full HD videos, Live HDTV, images, audio, HTML5, streaming content, 3D content, Live Text and media feeds
  • Interactivity including touch/swipe and controls connected via GPIO, serial, Ethernet for UDP commands and dual USB ports
  • S/PDIF output for pure digital and surround sound audio
  • Video wall support including mixed screen orientations and unusual display shapes
  • Supports IP streaming of Full HD video, MJPEG and audio streams and even serves video streams from local storage
  • BrightSign App compatible for user variable updates and UDP command interactivity
  • Built-in networking to update and manage your signage remotely
  • Effortless presentation creation with included BrightAuthor software
  • Internal micro SD card slot for secure content storage and playback
  • Locking power connector ensures accidental disconnects don’t happen
  • Low power consumption keeps operating costs down
  • Highly reliable, solid-state platform and a slim OS - no PC down time


  • 8GB SDHC Flash Card
  • Power Supply