Lineout Media takes storing and backing up your data very seriously. We take every possible step to ensure that your data is secure and protected whilst we are working on a project with you. With the large amount of data captured on video shoots or created in the studio during post production this can be a challenging thing to do compared to storing standard data types such as Word and Excel files. Below we have documented our process to that you can understand what we do to ensure your data is safe and secure.

Initial Capture

Before leaving site, the captured files are checked back in the camera and transferred to a laptop and checked again. This means that two separate copies of the files now exist, wherever possible these are carried by different crew members before being returned to the studio. This means if the worst was to happen and one of the mediums failed, was lost or stolen there is another copy accessible

Returning To The Studio

When the files are returned to the studio - two things happen. Firstly, they are copied over to our storage server and secondly they are copied to an archive hard drive that is stored off site in a local storage facility. This means we have a copy with which to work on your project in the studio and then an offsite copy should it ever be required.

10GbE Studio Storage Network

The studio storage system consists of 8 x WD SE Enterprise Grade 2TB drives in a RAID 6 format. This means that up to 2 separate drives could fail before any data is lost or disruption caused. The storage server is linked to our workstations via extremely fast 10GbE network links courtesy of a NetGear ProSAFE 10GbE switch and Intel X540-T2 network cards. This network is really fast! Read and write speeds on the server are in the region of 500 MBps and the network transfer speed between client and server is in the region of 3.5Gbps. This means copying a typical 128GB CFast 2.0 card to the storage system takes only 6 minutes! 

Daily Offsite Backup to Azure

Protecting work on your projects is very important to us, so each evening all files that have changed or been added in that day are backed up using the open source BareOS system to Microsoft's Cloud offering "Azure", typically this takes around 30 minutes each evening. Inside of Azure all of the data is encrypted and inaccessible to any other user. The BareOS backup system has a web interface so that in the unlikely event a file needs to be recovered it only takes a few clicks and the files are transferred back from the cloud onto the storage server.