Video Production Professionals

Video Production

The way video is being used as a communication tool is constantly evolving and it now has many uses across different platforms.

Lineout Media’s video production service offers a highly experienced production and creative team allowing us to produce high quality video for use in all sectors, from corporate to education. We work with all types of business from large agencies to small businesses to meet their video production needs.

If you are looking for a professional company to produce a video, we can help guide you through the process offering as much or as little help as you need at each stage.


Pre Production

Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, Location Searches, Planning

On Location Film Production

On Location

Crew, Cameras, Lighting, Microphones, Directing

Video Post Production

Post Production

Footage Review, Editing, Colourising, Client Review

Encoding and delivery


Rendering, Encoding, YouTube, Streaming, Hosting


Pre Production

You probably already have an idea about the kind of video you want to produce and budget available - pre-production is in our view the key to taking your ideas and transforming them into something powerful.

Our script writing and storyboarding artists can help refine your idea and visualise it. Following this our production manager will look at the details of the next stages of the project such as booking crew, equipment, transport and travel, creating the shoot schedule and call sheets.



Our creative and experienced video production team will start by preparing the camera, sound and lighting equipment required to shoot the project. Before shooting begins various technical checks will take place and the director will brief the crew on his vision.

Once we have a first draft to share with you, the review cycle begins where we make any changes or modifications requested prior to arriving at the completed project.

As the day progresses the director will be responsible for checking shots against the pre-production planning to make sure everything required for your company has been captured.

Post Production

Post Production

After the on location shoot, the footage will be reviewed by the studio team to find the best content and then the process of editing the video together will begin.

Additionally, new assets may be added to the project such as music, voice overs and graphics.

Finally, the project is colourised to give it a suitable look before being shared with you as a first draft in the review process.



After the review cycle and final approval process we will encode your video production into any formats required. This may include delivery to online video platforms such as YouTube, corporate intranets, mobile devices, or our secure online web platform.