The Brief

BDO have recently started offering a new cybersecurity service to protect their clients from the growing global cybercrime problem. The BDO team asked us to produce a video to drive interest into their new service, which would educate their prospective clients about cybersecurity, and how BDO can help organisations comply with government cybersecurity , whilst simultaneously safeguarding themselves against these attacks.

What We Delivered

Lineout Media assisted the BDO team in creating a script and storyboard to make sure the animations messaging was clear and powerful. Our graphic design team and animators then started to create a few different scenes allowing the client to understand our vision and tone for the animation, before commencing into animating the full video. A voice over artist was selected, and the script recorded. After several small client tweaks, the final video was rendered and delivered to BDO, ready for them to upload to their site and YouTube channel.