The Brief

To create a series of animated and filmed modules for inclusion into an e-learning platform for the training of midwives about infectious diseases in pregnancy. The modules were, HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis B. Public Health England would need assistance in writing the script for each module, creating storyboards and then on approval turning these into completed modules for uploading to the e-learning platform “storyline.”

We are including here a small extract from the HIV module

What We Delivered

The project was delivered in a variety of key stages over 12 months for each module. A rich variety of content was produced for each module including:

- Modelling of each virus and full 3D visualisations of the infection diseases in action using applications such as After Effects and Cinema 4D.

- Animated graphs and illustrations using Illustrator and After Effects

- Actors, film, crew and directors for the shooting of “demonstration” discussions with patients who had been diagnosed with an infectious disease during their pregnancy.

For each module, a script was jointly written between Public Health England’s team, and the Lineout Media creative team. Once finalised, a storyboard for each was created before entering full production by the relevant teams.